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The Program For Residential Solar Panels in Florida

One of the main reasons many homeowners fail to make the switch to residential solar in Florida is a lack of information. This is why we've decided to become one of the leading experts on all things solar. Here is how our process works for our solar program

It all starts with helping residents find a reputable installer in the local area to comply with federal regulations. Your installer will develop a design for your solar panels and submit them for approval to the local authorities. Upon approval, your solar panels will be ready to mount using a top-rated solar racking technique. 

After installation, a solar inverter will power your system and help you save through a process called net metering. In no time, you will be connected to the sun, the most renewable source of energy on the planet. It's just that easy!

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Why Invest in Solar Panels for Your Home

Did you know that Florida is a great place for solar power? It is one of the top ten choices for solar in the nation. So, getting solar can make your future much brighter. Not only will you have more independence from the grid, but you can also have some control over how much you pay for energy. Here are the top ways you benefit.

  • You will rely on renewable energy instead of nonrenewable sources
  • The value of your home may increase
  • Making the switch will help the local economy by providing jobs
  • Residential solar energy will help you save money
  • You will control your energy bills

Switching to solar will give you more power in your hands. So why not make the switch today? One of our representatives is ready to explain the process of installation and talk about the incentives available. We can also provide you with an estimate.  For more information about solar, don't forget to check out our informative solar blog. 

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How Residential Solar Panels Help You Save

One of the most common questions we get from customers is about how residential solar panels will help them save. The answer is two-fold. On the one hand, you may be able to save on installation costs. On the other hand, you may save on your monthly bills through a process called net metering. 

The federal government is offering a solar incentive that allows you to save 30 percent on your panel installation through a tax credit. This is one way you will save. Additionally, depending on where you live in Florida, your local government and energy company may also offer additional savings plans. For being a resident, you will automatically get a property tax exemption and a sales tax exemption on your solar system. 

All of these offers could mean big savings for you as you make the switch to solar. 

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Want Solar? Our Team Can Help!

Going solar can be confusing. There is so much misinformation out there that many potential customers give up trying to make the switch. We are well aware of this, and we have established ourselves as experts in helping customers navigate this process successfully. 

Our team is very knowledgeable about the solar programs, the installation process, and the incentives that currently exist, both federal and local. So, you can rest assured that we will provide you with timely, accurate information. 

For over a decade, we've been instrumental in helping residents and businesses make the switch to solar in large cities in FL. As a result, we have become one of the most trusted solar companies.

Are you ready to become another one of our satisfied customers? Let's start today! Call now to schedule a consultation and get a FREE quote. 



See what our customers have to say:
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"The installers were professional and answered all my questions. My solar panel system is running flawlessly and I'm saving A LOT of money!"
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Our Cost-Savings Process Is Easy

Solar power is one of the nation's emerging renewable energy sources. But for many, it remains a mystery. We are here to take the mystery out of the equation and make solar much more readily available to customers across the state. Our representatives at Go Solar Florida State will walk you through the process of solar installation and also tell you how incentives and rebates can help. We will also provide guidance on how net metering works and how it can help you save once you get solar panels.

Find a Solar Program

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Design & Build

Tax Credits & Rebates

Go Solar Florida State! Own Your Power.

Beat rising energy costs and be in control of your own power with help from the leading solar power company. Call us today to learn about solar programs suitable for your property. (904) 780-5900
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