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What are solar power inverters in Florida, and why do you need them? It is the heart of your solar system, and without it, your panels can’t function properly. A solar inverter takes the solar panel’s DC (direct current) energy and converts it to AC (alternating current) energy which is what powers appliances and electronics in your home. 

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Proper Connectivity of Solar Inverters in Florida Is the Key to Savings

As you know, the solar inverter is the heart of your solar system. When it isn’t working correctly, it could cause many problems, including driving up your energy bills and keeping your system from running at all. If your solar inverter isn’t working, it may be due to a power outage in your neighborhood. A local outage will likely prevent your system from running unless you have a backup battery or generator to keep your inverter running. Here are some reasons why your inverter may not be working.

  • It wasn’t properly installed
  • Error codes are displaying on the screen
  • Some capacitors may be worn out
  • The system may be overloading

Don’t continue to struggle with an inverter that isn’t working! Instead, call today to schedule an appointment, and we can get your system up and running or replace your existing inverter. 

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Your High Energy Bills May Be Due To Inverter Problems

If you’ve recently opened your electric bills and noticed that the cost of your energy seems to be going up rather than down, you may be dealing with a solar inverter in Florida. The solar panel inverter is the heart of your solar system, and if it is not functioning, it will lead to issues that could keep you from getting the savings you deserve. 

Your solar inverter is typically connected to the energy company through net metering. With net metering, your local energy company can monitor your solar power and provide you energy credits which helps you save. However, when your inverter isn’t working, it won’t alert the energy company of the excess energy, which would drive up costs. 

If you’ve noticed your energy bills soaring through the roof lately, don’t despair! You’re probably having trouble with your solar inverter in Florida. Call to make an appointment today and get an estimate on repair service. 

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Could Solar Maintenance Help With Your Solar Inverter Problems in Florida

You may wonder why your solar system isn’t providing you the savings it used to when you first signed up for service. So naturally, you would assume the problem is with the energy company and start to discover ways they can help you save. But did you know that your issue may not be with the energy company? 

If you are struggling with high costs of energy bills, it could be that you need annual maintenance on your solar system. Over time, your panels may receive poor reception, which could interfere with the ability to transmit solar power. This could be because trees may be blocking your panels. Or there could be pigeons nesting on your solar panels, causing bad reception. Another problem could be that your solar panels may be dirty and need cleaning. Additionally, there could be trouble with your solar converter, which you may need to fix or replace the inverter. 

Whatever your solar maintenance issue is, we can help! Call our solar energy company today to learn more about this essential service and get a FREE estimate.



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