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Do you want solar panels in Florida? Well, you will be happy to know that this is a great state to get solar energy. Florida receives about 237 of sunshine each year, making it one of the sunniest states in the US. This also makes it a great state to install solar panels and reap the benefits of solar power.

For several decades we have encouraged homeowners and business owners to switch to solar energy. Our installation team is committed to providing customers with awesome solar panel designs that capture Florida's abundant sunshine and provides efficient energy savings.

Wouldn't you like to join our numerous happy customers who have made the switch to solar? Then call Go Solar Florida State today to learn more about the great incentives available and get a FREE quote on new solar panels Florida.

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Benefits of Florida Solar Panels

Florida is one of the top ten states in the US for solar capacity. Known as the sunshine state, it has a lot of potential for growth in solar energy. As electricity increases across the US, solar energy is increasingly becoming a much more popular option. This, coupled with generous solar incentives, makes now a great time to invest in solar power. Here are a few benefits of making the switch to solar energy.

  • Less reliance on nonrenewable sources of energy
  • Earn tax credits for installing solar panels
  • Reduce the amount of money you spend on energy bills

If you want to learn more about solar power for your home or business, our knowledgeable staff will share with you info about tax incentives and the installation process. Call to schedule your consultation and get a FREE quote on solar panels in Florida.

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Time is Running Out on Getting Help With Your Solar Energy System

As a resident of Florida, you may have considered getting solar panels in Florida because it's not a high priority on your home improvement list. But if you could save 26 percent on installation, would that change your mind?

From now until December 2022, the federal government is offering a 26 percent tax credit for homeowners interested in switching to solar energy. In 2023, this incentive will drop to 22 percent, and after 2023, it may disappear entirely. Since this incentive is attached to your income taxes, it would be a good idea to speak with a tax planner to see how you could benefit so you won't miss out on this tremendous opportunity!

In addition to federal assistance, Florida is also offering solar incentives to help offset the costs of solar panel installation. Two prominent options are the property tax exemption on adding solar panels to your home and the sales tax exemption.

After getting solar panels installed, you can continue to benefit from savings through Florida's net metering programs offered through your local energy company. As your panels create a surplus of solar energy, this excess energy goes back to the grid to help provide power to other residents and businesses in the community. For your generosity, the power company credits your energy bill, helping you save on solar power.

Don't miss out on your chance to save on solar panel installation. Instead, call us today to get a FREE quote on solar panel costs in Florida.

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Get a Solar Battery to Keep Your Lights on During a Power Outage

Do you need a solar battery for your solar system? If you are like most customers, your system is probably grid-tied. In this case, you won't need a solar battery for your system to run. Instead, your system will run perfectly by using your solar panels and your inverter.

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of a grid-tied solar system is that if your neighbors experience a power outage, you will also experience it. While your system's energy source is independent, it is not independent of the grid itself.

So, while it is not necessary to get a solar power battery, it may be a good idea to invest in one in case of emergency power outages. Having a battery to back your system up will allow you to have access to power for at least 5-7 days while you wait for the power company to restore power to the grid.

Would you like to learn more about acquiring a solar battery? Contact us today to learn more and get a FREE quote on this top-rated service. Also, don't forget to look at our informative solar blog.


Get Started with Solar Racking for Your Florida Home

Solar racking is an important piece of any solar installation. It holds the solar panels in place and keeps them facing the sun. Go Solar Florida State is a company that installs solar panels and solar racking. We are experts in our field, and we use only the highest quality products.

Our solar racking is made from aluminum and is powder-coated to resist corrosion. It is also engineered to withstand high winds. We offer a variety of solar racking systems to meet the needs of any customer.

We are proud to offer solar racking from Go Solar Florida State. Our products are the best on the market, and our prices are unbeatable.

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Solar Inverters Create Your Solar Power

Solar inverters are the heart of a fully functioning solar system. These units take the DC energy produced by solar panels and convert them into AC energy that allows you to operate your electricity and appliances in your home. 

The solar inverter is also the way that your local electric company tracks your solar usage. Through a process called net-metering, they determine how much solar energy you’ve used and how much energy you’ve supplied to the grid. The excess is rewarded with credits that help you save on your monthly energy bill. So, it is critical that you have your solar inverter running properly at all times. 

While some issues can easily be fixed with a little troubleshooting, others may need repair. If you need a maintenance specialist to assist with your solar inverter in Florida, call today to learn about renewable energy!



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Are you ready to invest in renewable energy for your home in Florida? We can help you install a solar system that works best for your home or business. Our team can also help you determine how much you can save on solar panel installation by discussing the current solar investment tax credit offered by the state and federal governments. We're one of the best solar companies in the area. Call today to learn more about solar panels in Florida.

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