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Florida Free Solar Programs - Green Energy Saves You Money

Are you thinking about making the switch to solar panels? That's great news! We're happy to assist you on your journey. But, you might be wondering how making the move is possible. Won't it be crazy expensive? To be honest, yes, it can. But it doesn't have to be! There are numerous programs available that offer Florida free solar programs.

You can significantly reduce the amount you pay out of pocket on solar panels and their installation. Sometimes, depending on income, location, and other factors, you may not pay a dime! So, how can you find out about these programs? That's a great question! We're here to help you find a solar incentive program that perfectly matches your situation.

Our team would love to meet with you for a face-to-face consultation that costs you nothing. Or, if you prefer, we can conduct a phone consult. Either way, you'll end up with a better understanding of the many solar programs available to you. How about we get started now?

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Check Out the No-Cost Solar Programs Available in FL

There are several no-cost solar programs available to Florida residents. These programs can help you save money on your electric bills and reduce your carbon footprint. They also provide a way to finance your solar system without breaking the bank. Let's look at a few of the programs now:

  • Solar Sales Tax Exemption - Florida residents are exempt from paying sales tax on solar panels. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the cost of your solar system.
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit - The federal government offers a 30% tax credit for solar panels and installation costs. This credit can save you significant money on your solar system.
  • Net Metering - An excellent way for solar users to fire their electric companies and collect a paycheck from THEM! They'll buy your excess energy stores.
  • Property Tax Abatement - Florida homeowners are eligible for a property tax abatement for solar panels. This means that you will not have to pay property taxes on the value of your solar system.
  • Community Solar - Community solar is a program that allows you to subscribe to a solar system located elsewhere. This can be a good option if you do not have the roof space or the financial resources for a traditional solar system.
  • Solar Leasing - Solar leasing is a financing option that allows you to rent solar panels from a solar company. This can be a good option if you do not have the money to purchase a solar system upfront.
  • Solar Financing - Several solar financing options are available, including loans and leases. This can help you finance the cost of your solar system and start saving money on your electric bills immediately.

Accessing more information about any of these solar programs is completely FREE. Our team of seasoned solar specialists looks forward to helping you. Have you scheduled an appointment with us yet?

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Hurry! Some Solar Programs Won't Last Forever

Certain solar incentive programs are ending in some states and at the federal level. For example, the federal solar tax credit is a 30% credit on the cost of solar panels and installation, which is set to decrease at the end of this year and completely disappear at the end of 2023. In addition, some states have also ended their solar incentive programs or plan to do so soon.

There are several reasons why solar incentive programs are ending. One reason is that the cost of solar panels has been declining, so the need for government incentives is not as great as it once was. Another reason is that some states face budget constraints, and solar incentive programs are seen as a luxury that can no longer be afforded.

The end of solar incentive programs will make it more expensive to go solar. However, the cost of solar panels is still declining, and solar is still a viable option for many homeowners and businesses. Therefore, if you want to go solar, it is important to act before the incentive programs end.

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Looking for Free Solar Programs in Florida? Let Us Help You Out! 

Go Solar Florida is dedicated to helping its clients find free solar panel programs, incentives, and more. Swapping solar's a big undertaking, but once it's a done deal, you'll be so glad that you did. Our main objective is to help people like you secure a brighter, greener future for future generations. Taking small steps in the right direction is all worthwhile. That's why assisting families and businesses in getting solar systems for the least amount of money possible is crucial. We hope we can help you on your solar journey soon!



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