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Find a Florida Solar Program That Suits Your Needs & Budget

We will do whatever it takes to get you the solar power you want at a reasonable rate. We offer financing options for those that are interested.

The solar program in Florida that you choose is going to depend on what you qualify for. The Sunshine State is number three geographically for solar energy. It makes obvious sense when you understand that solar energy comes from the sun. Unfortunately, there aren't enough people taking advantage of the opportunity to use this safer alternative for a power source.

The people in charge are trying to push individuals to switch to solar energy through a solar program. There are several available, but you have first to find out what suits your situation.

Go Solar Florida State helps take the guesswork out of the solar program you should be applying for. Call us and answer a few simple questions, and we will match you with the right government solar program today!

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A Solar Program That Exceeds Your Every Expectation

Residential Solar Panels GUARANTEED to Last

Depending on where you live, residential solar panels may be subject to a home solar program that makes the process easier. Some of the solar programs even give you a discount on your installation or money back for making the more environmentally-friendly conversion. Here are just a few for your consideration:

  • Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) works with the Orlando Federal Credit Union (OFCU) to offer low-interest loans for residential borrowers looking to switch to solar systems
  • OUC gives electric consumers that use an OUC preferred solar contractor a $900 rebate
  • Fast-tracking permits in Miami-Dade County for solar design and construction
  • Lakeland Electrics "pay-for-energy" is a solar program that makes solar energy affordable for all

These are just a handful of the numerous solar programs out there. You can research them all on your own if you wish, or you can trust that our dedicated solar professionals will find what's most fitting for you.

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Commercial Solar of All Sizes & Complexities

Commercial solar is a massive undertaking that not all solar companies can manage. Go Solar Florida State has the tools, technology, and human resources to coordinate your business with the solar panel program that's most efficient and suitable for your location.

The best solar programs for companies to take advantage of aren't easy to obtain. Our staff stays current on the most up-to-date news and information regarding every aspect of solar. Reach out to us, and you'll receive:

  • Knowledgeable representatives that know solar inside and out
  • Solar panel design experts capable of solar panel installations of all types
  • Reasonable rates for commercial solar installation
  • Quicker project completion with our efficient, modern, proven techniques

Before you waste too much time looking for solar programs that meet your company's demands, let us do a little digging for you. We promise we will find something you qualify for so you can get solar energy and the freedom that comes along with taking control of your power.

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FREE Solar Programs Are Out There!

Virtually all homeowners can qualify for Florida's free home solar programs, but it requires the assistance of a solar company expert that knows how to fill out the appropriate documents. You don't want to miss out on a no-cost solar voucher because you didn't cross your t's and dot your I's.

On top of getting your solar panel installation started at no cost, you can additionally qualify for a free solar power battery. It comes in handy when you're creating more energy than you use. That way, you will have peace of mind that you have additional power ready to go when the sun disappears for days at a time.

Call our home solar team today to learn about your options and discover the difference solar energy makes in empowering your life and bettering your community today.

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Have you heard the stories from friends and family members about solar companies that take their money and run? It's not something that we're proud to hear about within the industry, but we know that there are dishonest solar contractors that aren't putting the customers first. Relax knowing that we're NOT one of the fly-by-night providers of solar installation. We are here to build a relationship with you that lasts. Meet our friendly crew by calling to request your initial quote. Our solar company services all of Florida.

Go Solar Florida State! Own Your Power.

Beat rising energy costs and be in control of your own power with help from the leading solar power company. Call us today to learn about solar programs suitable for your property. (904) 780-5900
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