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What to Expect With Solar Energy in Florida

Are you considering getting solar energy in one of the major cities in Florida? You're in luck! We help customers find solar providers in many areas throughout Florida, including Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, and Hialeah. But before you switch, you may want to know how solar energy in Florida works. Here is some insight into the solar process.

The process typically starts with a consultation that allows us to take measurements and determine the best place for your solar panels. Each set of panels we install is custom-made for your home. Once we complete the best design for your home's architecture, we submit them to the local government for approval. Upon approval, we install them.

If you are struggling with the cost of installation, we encourage you to get help from the federal or local government to help reduce costs.

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What Is A Solar Inverter?

Once your solar panels are installed on your roof, you must be able to operate them. The operating system for a solar panel system is a solar inverter. Think of it as similar to a breaker box for an electrical system. If anything goes wrong with your solar panels, one of the first places to troubleshoot will be with an inverter. But how does it work?

Your solar panels are linked to your solar inverter. Solar panels receive direct current (DC) energy, which travels to the inverter. It is converted into alternate current (AC) energy, which provides power in the home.

The inverter box is also how your local electric company monitors your solar use and provides you credits through net metering. Using your solar panels may produce substantially more power than is needed to power your home.

As a result, this excess energy returns to the grid to help power your local neighbor's energy. You receive credits from your electric company for this extra energy added to the grid.

Besides the solar panels, your solar inverter is a critical component of your solar system.

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Why Solar Batteries Are Critical

There are a couple of significant reasons you may want to consider getting a solar battery for your solar system. One of the most important reasons is that you may experience a power outage in your neighborhood. Although your grid provides an independent source of power - the sun - it is still dependent on the electric grid. When the grid is out, your power is also out. So, having a battery can help you continue getting a backup energy source until power is restored.

Another critical reason you may consider getting a solar battery is that it stores energy and delivers it at off-peak hours. For instance, your solar system is much more dependent on the grid at night. As a result, this could drive your solar bill back up. To maintain savings, even when the sun isn't optimal, it is ideal to get a solar battery.

One more final reason you may want to have a solar battery is that you have a system that isn't tied to the grid. If you've decided to get solar panels and live off the grid, having a solar battery is very critical to powering your home. But because the grid doesn't back up the panels, you will have to use your resources wisely.

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We're Your Solar Partners!

When you're ready to switch, we're here to help you do so as seamlessly as possible. There are so many great reasons to switch to solar. But not all solar companies are created equal.

For over a decade, we have worked diligently to give our customers the best service and installation experience in Florida. Located in several hubs throughout Florida, we help our customers find experienced technicians and install aesthetically pleasing solar panels.

Our technicians have plenty of experience working in the solar industry and are passionate about helping people switch to solar. You can count on us to provide consistent results whether you want solar installation or maintenance services. For more information about solar, check out our solar blog.



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Maneuvering through the switch to solar can be very challenging for many. Some don't know what's involved in the process. Others don't know that there is help available through the Federal government and the state of Florida to help with upfront costs. Go Solar Florida State prides itself on being a reliable source for customers to learn as much as possible about solar power. We help you find a local provider in your area, discover the costs of solar, and share resources on available tax credits and rebates. Feel free to reach out anytime to get the assistance you need to make the switch!

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