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Florida Solar Power Resources For Your Home & Business Solar Needs

We've compiled the most useful information when it comes to solar power conversions. Learn everything you need to know and have confidence you're making the right choice.

Solar power Florida. It's an idea that was invented more than a century ago. In 1839, a physicist from France first discovered that electric current was produced with light exposure. Since then, scientists, inventors, and mathematicians have been inspired by learning more about turning the sun's light into energy we can use.

Go Solar Florida State is one of the few solar companies that are genuinely passionate about providing top-notch solar installations and sharing solar power benefits. Not only does it protect the environment, but it gives individuals financial freedom from their utility bills.

We've acquired a plethora of knowledge about solar energy over the years, and now we're prepared to share everything with our valuable clients. Take some time to explore solar, and then learn more about what affordable options there are for converting to solar energy!

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Solar Power Information You Can Use

How Solar Energy Works

It's one of the most common questions we get: "How does solar energy in Florida work?" It seems like a complex process, but it's a lot more manageable than you think. Our team of professional solar contractors comes to your location and evaluate your property for commercial or residential solar installation. We determine if you're in a good position to absorb the sun's energy, and in the Sunshine State, chances are the answer is yes.

After certifying that you're capable of becoming a solar panel customer, we take care of the solar panel installation, including solar racking, solar inverters, and solar power batteries you'll need to provide enough energy to your home or business location.

All you need to know is that your solar energy is safe, cost-effective, reliable, and will last for years when you choose us to assist you with the conversion.

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Solar Calculator for Florida -Calculate Your Savings!

Each month you get your utility bills, and it makes you wonder even more about how to determine what you could save using a solar calculator. We have developed a simple formula that can help you better understand what you would avoid in fees with solar panel installation at your home or business. 

What we do is take into consideration your potential solar savings based on:

  • Your location
  • Current electric bill
  • Available solar programs in Florida you qualify for
  • The type of roof you have

No two results are the same when using a solar calculator. You need to contact us if you want a more customized figure, and we guarantee we will get it for you quickly.

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Solar Incentives - Don't Miss These Opportunities

To persuade more property owners to go solar in Florida, the government has created a wide assortment of solar incentives for Flordia residents. You may have heard about them, but navigating the complicated details can be difficult. Before you dismiss the transition to solar energy as something you don't want to deal with, let us help you understand exactly what's available.

  • 26% back on your tax returns
  • $0 upfront cost vouchers
  • FREE batteries
  • Low-interest loans for solar installation

We also have financing offers available for your solar power needs. Go over everything in detail with our experts with an in-house or virtual consultation. We're here for your convenience with our 24/7 availability.

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Interested in Becoming a Solar Contractor?

The solar power business is multiplying at a rapid rate. That means more opportunities for those that are looking for a career. We have openings and can walk you through how to become a solar contractor. Some of the other positions you may be interested in that are also becoming more prevalent include:

  • Sales representatives
  • Solar electricians
  • Solar engineers
  • Customer support

Become part of the fastest-growing industry by reaching out to Go Solar Florida State to learn more.

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Florida Solar Rebates - Get Your Solar Installation for FREE!

Are you wondering if you qualify for solar rebates? You have to meet a few eligibility requirements, including:

  • The solar system must be a PV, hydro, or wind system - most home solar systems meet this requirement
  • It must be a solar installation done on an eligible property - homes, barns, commercial buildings
  • It has to be a new solar installation
  • It can be the only solar system on the property
  • The solar system has to have been installed within the past 12 months

Discover how to take advantage of the solar rebates available by contacting our solar specialists. 

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Solar Renewable Energy Certificates - SRECs

Solar renewable energy certificates aren't currently available, unfortunately. It would help create these solar incentives so that more people would adopt solar energy, but the state needs to pass the renewable portfolio standard first.

Thankfully, there are national SRECs, including the federal tax credit for converting to solar energy that gives you back 30% of your solar panel installation's initial cost. So, whether you're looking for commercial solar installation or residential solar power options, we encourage you to reach out to learn what savings are available.

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You don't want to hire one of the solar companies that work nationwide. While you might hear or see more about them in ads or on television, that means they are busier, and they can't spend as much time on your solar energy conversion. We're in your local service areas. We put the customer first, and that's why we work locally in the beautiful Sunshine State. We're not going to put in your solar and take off. Our dependable crew is who you can call on for all your solar needs whenever they arise.

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