A Solar Power System in Florida May Be What You Need


Why Get a Solar Power System in Florida?

Did you know that Florida is one of the top 10 states for solar power? You would think that homeowners would be racing to solar power distributors to make the switch based on this news. However, just because FL is a great place to acquire solar power, it doesn't mean everyone knows the value of having a solar power system in Florida.

The experts at Go Solar Florida State understand this and why we make it our business to educate our customers on the importance of switching to solar energy. We realize that the reason why lots of people aren't making the conversion is that they don't know all the savings available or what is involved in making the switch. This confusion causes many potential customers to hesitate and lose out on critical savings.

We don't want you to continue to pay high prices for electricity. Instead, we want to show you how much you can save over time by installing a solar panel system. We also want to make you aware of federal and local savings that are available for installing your system. Call today to schedule you're no-risk consultation and get a free estimate on this essential service in Florida.

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Get a Solar Power System in Florida and See the Benefits

One of the most important reasons why you should make the switch to solar energy is that it will benefit the planet. As time passes, our reliance on non-renewable energy sources will drive prices higher and continue to increase pollution. But improving the planet isn't the only reason you should switch. Some other reasons you should switch to solar in Florida that benefit you directly. Here are some advantages of getting solar panel installation in Florida.

  • Reduced reliance on traditional power
  • More independence
  • Increased savings on energy
  • Provides a means of power when the local grid is down*

Are you convinced about making the switch to solar yet? Our experts are standing by to answer any questions about this amazing alternative energy solution. Call today to schedule a consultation and get a FREE quote.

*To operate your solar system while the grid is down, purchase solar batteries.

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Make The Switch Today And Start Saving on Energy

Are you terrified of opening your current electric bill because energy prices are soaring? Would you like more control over how much you pay on your electricity bill? Then it may be time for you to consider getting a solar power system in Florida. Here’s why.

When you convert to solar power, you will have access to one of the most renewable energy sources on earth: the Sun. As a result, you will be able to save more money on electricity than your neighbors who still rely on non-renewable sources.

Someone from our installation team will advise you on the installation process and inform you how much you can save on installation costs and the long term. Once you agree to the service, we will work quickly to design your system. Then, when we receive proper local approvals, our team will work quickly to install your solar panels. Upon installation, your local electricity company will install net metering to track your usage and provide you with credits on your electricity bills. Thus, you’ll be much happier receiving your future energy bills.

Let our solar company help you make the switch today! Call for a free consultation and estimate.

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We Can Help You Get The Independence You Crave!

If you’re tired of the roller coaster ride you keep experiencing with your energy bills, we can help you get some control! A solar power system in Florida can help you become much more independent while allowing you to save.

For over a decade, our experts have helped the residents and businesses of Florida to save and reduce their carbon footprint. Our top-notch installation and solar designs has made us one of Florida’s top-rated solar companies.

Do you want to see why we have so many delighted customers? Call today to schedule your consultation and get a FREE quote on our outstanding solar service in Florida.



See what our customers have to say:
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"The installers were professional and answered all my questions. My solar panel system is running flawlessly and I'm saving A LOT of money!"
- Darren B.

How We Help Our Florida Customers

Are you not sure who to work with or what to do when it comes to switching to solar energy? Don't panic. You're not alone. At Go Solar Florida State, we pride ourselves on keeping up on the latest information on solar energy. And we make sure we share that info with our customers. Do you want to know the latest about tax credits and rebates? You can count on our solar energy companies to go over your options. We can also help you discover how much you can save by making the switch. If you want to make the switch to solar, you don't have to wait. Our experts are ready to show you why this is a cost-effective solution. Call today to schedule a consultation and get a FREE estimate. 

Find a Solar Program

Calculate Savings

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Go Solar Florida State! Own Your Power.

Beat rising energy costs and be in control of your own power with help from the leading solar power company. Call us today to learn about solar programs suitable for your property. (904) 780-5900
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