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How Go Solar Florida State Can Provide You with Solar Solutions

Go solar with our hassle-free, affordable, energy-efficient options available for all property types.

Month after month, you get your utility bills, and each time you think about how to go solar in Florida. It's becoming more and more prevalent throughout the sunshine state. It's because people are getting tired of paying the increasing energy prices that are unavoidable if you're still using your energy company's power.

Go Solar Florida State will assist you with achieving the financial freedom of paying for your power. Instead, we can outline your detailed plan and cost for solar installation today! Contact our office, and we will go over your go solar alternative and help you take control of your electricity costs.

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Switching to Solar is Simple!

Our Process Allows You to Save Big with Solar Electricity

You can rest assured that when you go solar with us, you'll have a solar panel installation you can rely on for many years to come.
Step 1

Find a Local Solar Installer

Go Solar Florida State is one of the best solar companies because we're willing to travel throughout the state to meet you! When we find you a solar installer in Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, or the surrounding areas, you can schedule your initial consultation with no commitment. We will carefully go over the solar panel installation process and help determine if you qualify for renewable energy.
Step 2

Solar Panel System Design

After we confirm your qualification for going solar and explain all of your solar incentives, our factory-certified installers will outline your solar panel design. We will take accurate measurements of the slope and roof and outline all factors, including how many solar panels you'll need, sunlight exposure, and what you can expect to get in energy conversion from your solar photovoltaic system.
Step 3

Solar Panel Installation

Our solar company takes care of every aspect of the solar panel installation including obtaining the permits required for solar equipment, installing solar racking, wiring, mounting, and solar battery installation if you've selected it. Have peace of mind that your solar power system will remain intact and dependable for years to come when you leave it to our professionals.
Step 4

Understanding Your Solar Energy Systems

Solar power systems aren't the same as flipping on a light switch. You understand why to go solar in Florida, and we will explain in detail your go solar solutions. Our dedicated solar installers will go over all the questions and concerns you have and explain your warranty coverage, so you know what to do if something goes wrong. We remain your leading solar contractor for life, so never hesitate to contact us after your solar system is put in. These energy efficiency improvements are for live and allow you to reduce your electric bills and save money!


See what our customers have to say:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"The installers were professional and answered all my questions. My solar panel system is running flawlessly and I'm saving A LOT of money!"
- Darren B.

No High-Pressure Sales

Don't hesitate to call to speak with us if you're interested in going solar. You won't receive daily phone calls asking you if you're ready or people showing up trying to force you into a decision like others in the solar industry. It's our job to give you the information on when to go solar. The rest is up to you.

Factory-Certified Solar Panels

Your solar panel installation is only as good as the technicians that did the work. You shouldn't have to deal with solar power inverters or batteries that are always malfunctioning because they weren't connected correctly. Our solar contractors get it right the first time with certified solar panels.

No-Cost Solar Power Programs

Take a look at some of the solar incentives available for homeowners and business operators. We have a team member educated on how you can get your solar panels at no initial cost, and you'll earn money back on your tax returns. Find out all the details by calling us today!

Go Solar Florida State! Own Your Power.

Beat rising energy costs and be in control of your own power with help from the leading solar power company. Call us today to learn about solar programs suitable for your property. (904) 780-5900
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