How Much Does a Solar Panel Weigh? (Solar Panel Sizing Guide)

December 19, 2022

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If you want to go solar, you've researched everything you can about the process. However, some homeowners wonder about the weight of the solar panels on their roofs, how it can affect their roofs, or if they can handle it. How much does a solar panel weigh? We'll examine this question and how solar panels affect the roof.

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How Big is a Solar Panel? 

How much do solar panels weigh? Solar panels range in size depending on the panel type and how much energy they can produce. On average, a solar panel will be about 5 feet by 3 feet. These dimensions are for standard solar panels for moderate usage. Home solar panels are 4 feet by 7 feet and other sizes depending on the type.

Factors That Affect How Much a Solar Panel Weighs

Like most things, a few factors can vary the weight of your residential solar panels. It's essential to know these factors so that you can best estimate weight based on your particular situation. When contacting someone for solar panel installation, these are great to know so that they can help you understand how much weight you'll be putting on your roof.

Here are the factors that you'll need to consider:

How Much Energy Output

There are many solar panels types, and the energy output can affect other factors such as sizing and weight. The energy that is put out by the solar panel can fluctuate between types; typically, you'll choose one based on your energy needs as a household. You'll also notice the wattage and energy output in the table below.


There are a few sizes of solar panels, as discussed above; however, the size can be affected by the energy output as many panels that put out more energy also are larger.

Amount of Solar Panels

When looking into the total weight on top of your roof once the panels are installed, you'll need to consider how many panels you will need. Usually, this is determined by figuring out how much energy you need, with how much energy each panel puts out.

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How Much Does a Solar Panel Weigh? 

Solar panels can vary in weight depending on a few factors, but mainly the size and wattage of the panel. When looking into getting solar panels on your roof, you want to know what kind of solar panels you'll be getting, such as their size and wattage. Here's a great chart to compare the sizes and weights of solar panels:

Size/Wattage Weight
100W 18-25 pounds
200W 20-33 pounds
300W 30-45 pounds
400W 40-50 pounds
500W 48-60 pounds

This chart shows some of the popular solar panel sizes with their respective weight. On average, for regular-sized and wattage solar panels, you can expect them to weigh about 40 pounds. So, if you’re trying to calculate how much they’ll weigh, you can start with that as an average.

Weight of Solar Panels on Roof

When it comes to knowing how much total weight will be put on your roof after adding solar panels, it depends on all these factors. Ultimately how many panels you're getting and how much they weigh each will help you figure out how much weight will be on your roof.

For example, if your home uses 400W solar panels that weigh 40 pounds each, and your home needs 20 of these, then the total added weight to your roof would be 800 pounds. It's important to understand that roofs are meant to be able to hold high weights on them.

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Can My Roof Handle The Weight of Solar Panels? 

Roofs can withstand heavy weights, but this doesn't mean that you can't be concerned about it. On average, a roof can hold a minimum of 20 pounds per square foot. So if your roof is 1,000 square feet, then at 20 pounds per square foot, your roof could ultimately hold about 20,000 pounds.

It's important to note that the type of roof and your roof's age might significantly affect how much your particular roof can hold. However, this is on the lower side, and most roof types can hold even more than that.

Are Solar Panels Safe To Go On Roof? 

Your roof is entirely safe for installing solar panels. When it comes to their weight to them, you can trust that your roof can withstand this weight. Plus, installers are skilled professionals and evenly and securely attach solar panels to your roof.

It won't be too much weight, and the installation process will not damage your roof. Solar panels might sound like they weigh too much to cause a lot of damage, but ultimately our homes and roofs are built to withstand more than just solar panels.

The Lightest Residential Solar Panels

If you're concerned about your roof's ability to hold solar panel weight or if you've found out that your roof might not be capable of holding them, you can look into lightweight residential solar panels. These aren't always accessible everywhere, and there are a few types to choose from, but they are out there.

Some lightweight solar panels are thin film types which are extremely thin which causes them to weigh much less than a standard solar panel. There are also flexible solar panels that are thinner and more lightweight.

Final Thoughts

When calculating how much solar panels weigh, you'll need to consider a few things, such as size, energy, and more. You can figure out how much total weight will be on your roof using these factors for your particular situation. However, it's important to remember that your roof can handle quite a bit of weight on top of it. We hope this article helped you understand more about how much solar panels weigh and how much your roof can handle when installing solar panels.

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