How Long Does a Solar Battery Last? [Your Complete Guide]

January 3, 2023

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Are you a property owner asking, how long does solar battery last? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Solar’s popularity is growing yearly, with many property owners choosing battery storage with their array. A solar battery allows you to enjoy power even during blackouts and other emergencies!

However, a solar battery doesn’t last forever. Everyday use, exposure to the elements, and other factors mean wear and tear on their wiring, casing, and other parts. In turn, you might need to replace them before too long. Keep reading to find out more, and then discuss your needs with a solar installation contractor.

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How Long Does Solar Battery Last on Average?

On average, expect a solar battery to last 5 to 15 years. In turn, a solar array owner would need to replace their batteries at least once before replacing solar panels. With this in mind, note some added factors to consider when it comes to solar battery lifespans:

Solar battery life expectancy by battery type

Manufacturers today offer three different solar battery compounds: lead acid, lithium-ion, or saltwater.

Lead Acid batteries

Lead acid batteries have the shortest lifespan and typically the lowest output of all three options. However, they’re also typically the least expensive option.

Lithium ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries are lighter than lead acid and usually more compact. This is a vital consideration, as solar batteries often take up quite a bit of room! Additionally, they often put out the most power when in use.

Also, note that homeowners typically choose lithium-ion solar batteries for their solar array. Consequently, manufacturers have increased their production and dropped their prices over the past several years! These factors make lithium-ion a great choice for many property owners.

Saltwater batteries

Saltwater batteries don’t contain heavy metals, making them more eco-friendly than other options. However, they are relatively new to the market. In turn, their overall lifespan hasn’t yet been tested as thoroughly as lithium ion batteries and lead acid varieties.

What affects a solar battery’s life expectancy

Manufacturing materials affect a battery’s overall lifespan, as said. Additionally, more usage cycles mean added wear and tear. As such, the more you use most solar batteries, the shorter its lifespan.

Also, weather extremes also deplete a battery of power and decrease its lifespan. This includes both severe heat and subzero temperatures. Keep this in mind when deciding where to store your solar batteries! Lastly, note that professional maintenance can extend a battery’s lifespan and ensure maximum power output.

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What Happens to Solar Panels When the Battery Is Full?

A full solar battery simply stops charging once it’s reached full capacity. The battery doesn’t “overcharge” or “become fried”. Also, a full battery doesn’t somehow send power back to the solar panels. This isn't how solar battery storage works. In turn, they also don’t suffer damage simply because of full batteries.

Lastly, note that property owners rarely need to intervene when a solar battery is full or low on power. The batteries simply receive power from solar panels and discharge that stored energy on demand. They then recharge as the panels continue to function. Regular maintenance from a solar installer also ensures those batteries function properly and safely so that you always have backup power during power outages.

Is It Worth Getting a Battery With Solar Panels?

There are many advantages to a solar battery investment for your property. First, you can use their stored power during a blackout, as said. Second, battery power means using less energy from your local electric company. In turn, you’ll enjoy even lower electricity costs with your solar power system! In some cases, solar batteries might mean using no power from the city, eliminating your electricity bills altogether.

Also, note that many tax credits and other incentives apply to solar batteries as well as panels. This means even more cost savings for your entire solar system. Consequently, you might be able to afford more batteries than expected if you take advantage of those incentives. If you need to find out more, contact a solar installer near you.

Solar Batteries and Charging

How long a solar battery keeps a charge depends on its manufacturer. Some will stay fully charged for a day while others might last 7 days or more. Also, remember that solar batteries recharge automatically when connected to solar panels. As long as your panels produce solar energy, those batteries continue to recharge and store more power for your use.

Additionally, how quickly a solar battery drains depends on your power demands. The more electronics you run with solar battery power, the sooner it drains! Moreover, the more panels on your property, the faster those batteries recharge. Your solar installer can offer specific information about batteries you might purchase for your property.

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Do Solar Batteries Last at Night?

Property owners often wonder how solar power systems work at night, including batteries. First, note that solar panels work by absorbing sunlight. Second, the less sunlight exposure, the less power they produce overall. In turn, your solar panels produce minimal or no energy at night.

However, solar batteries store energy for use anytime, just like household batteries. This includes nighttime! If you connect electronics to a full battery, they should work as long as the battery has stored power.

On the other hand, your solar panels aren’t typically recharging the battery at night. In turn, those batteries might run out of power more readily at nighttime, on cloudy days, and so on. How long they last and how much power they produce depends on their capacity and your energy use.

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Go Solar Florida State is happy to help answer the question, how long does a solar battery last? If you’re ready for a solar system on your property, call our Florida solar panel installation contractors. We’ll schedule a FREE installation consultation and price quote at your earliest convenience.

Additionally, we’re happy to explain all your solar panel options for your home or business. We can also explain current tax credits and other financial incentives. To find out more, call us today.

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