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Take control of your power and discover how Florida solar alternative energy options change your life. We have solar solutions suitable for you and your budget.

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Solar Incentives
Get an ROI for your solar panel installation with a wide variety of tax rebates and other solar incentives. Learn more by taking a look at the details.
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Solar energy is the future. Save the environment, reduce your carbon footprint, and help your friends and neighbors with residential solar panel installation.
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Florida Solar - In the Sunshine State, We Use the Sun to Generate Power

Converting your home or business for Florida solar energy is something that might seem like it's out of reach or not for you. However, the truth is, solar energy systems are beneficial for everyone! There's great potential to go solar in our area. We just have to get out there and do it.

  • Highly trained, safe, efficient solar contractors
  • Warranties on solar products
  • Solar panels, solar racking, solar inverters, solar batteries
  • Continued customer support team available 24/7

Go Solar Florida State is your leading solar energy provider. At our solar company, we know the methods to use and only do solar panel installation with the highest-quality products on the market. Take control of your energy! Lower or eliminate your monthly utility bills by calling us now.


So Many Benefits for Florida State Homeowners to Go Solar!

If you are considering going solar, now is the time. State and federal incentives are scheduled to end soon and not be renewed. You owe it to yourself and the planet to switch to clean energy via solar electricity, and save money while doing it!

Solar is the perfect fit for homeowners and business owners -they don't call us the sunshine state for nothing... Find a local program through Go Solar Florida State and take control of your own energy production. No upfront cost when you install solar panels!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does solar mean?

By definition, solar is "of, derived from, relating to, or caused by the sun." Solar power takes the sun's rays and transforms it to create electricity or heat. It's something our solar installers know inside and out, and you can learn everything you want to know in detail by making an appointment.

How many solar panels would it take to power my house?

A typical 1,500 square foot home would need 16 panels to cover the power needs of up to $100 in standard monthly utility costs. However, not all projects are the same, and it's best to get a customized answer for your property. Our team is standing by, ready to be dispatched to your location to discover what you would need exactly.

Is it worth getting a solar installation?

It's common to be hit by the price of solar energy conversions, but it's an investment that continually continues to come back to you. Instead of paying money for energy each year, you get it from your solar panels or solar batteries where it's stored. Depending on how much power you use, you may never have to pay another electric or heating bill again! Some homeowners are even opting for solar pool heating.

Calculate Monthly Savings with Solar

Are you interested in learning a more precise number when it comes to your solar energy savings?

Take a look at our convenient and accurate solar calculator formula and discover exactly why solar is your best option for alternative energy.
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Florida Solar Programs for Renewable Energy

There are a plethora of details involved when it comes to solar solutions, and not all of them are the same. We customize your solar installation to guarantee it lasts and performs for years to come.

Residential Solar

As a savvy homeowner, you're always looking for ways to save money. In the past, your only option was to pay the local electric company. Now, residential solar panels take away your monthly costs.

Commercial Solar

Your business is out to make you money, so why don't you make some money for your business. Commercial solar panels can not only power your building, but you could get paid for sharing with your community!

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your solar installation in straightforward and simple

Going Solar with Go Solar Florida State

It's not as challenging to convert to solar energy as what it appears. When you choose our solar company to partner with, it's one of the most hassle-free home improvement projects you can make. So. learn all the details now about a home solar system. Then, call to make your in-home initial consultation appointment. Learn more about how to go solar in Florida!

Step 1

Find a Local Solar Installer

We partner with the best solar companies. When you call, our topmost precedence is matching you with a local solar installer. The experts will meet with you to determine whether or not you and your home or business qualify or can have the solar installation completed. Finally, when that's approved, we move onto the next step.
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Step 2

Solar Panel Design for Residents and Businesses

During the solar panel design process, we go over all the measurements of the roof and slope. Then we define the sunlight exposure level. With our precise calculations, we can let you know what to expect in energy conversion. The solar panels are ordered from our leading manufacturers. We can begin to install solar equipment as soon as we have everything we need.
Step 3

Superior Solar Panel Installation

The solar installation completed by our trained technicians is the most intricate part of the solar process. We have engineers and electricians on staff to help with every piece of the puzzle required for a stable energy source. We do the wiring, solar panels, solar inverter installation and provide you with solar-powered batteries for storing energy. In addition, you can also choose to share your energy. Did you know you'll get paid for it?
Step 4

Activating & Understanding Your System

While your solar power system doesn't require you to lift a finger, you still deserve to understand fully what you have. Our professional technicians will meet with you after the installation to review everything until you're satisfied. When your system is activated, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your free energy and the excitement that comes from "Going Green!" You can expect lower energy bills and make money from a net metering program.

Check Our Solar Resources - It's More Than Just Energy

The solar industry is growing rapidly, and it's all for the better. Find out how to go solar for free with our solar resources on incentives, discover ways to become a solar contractor yourself. Or, learn about the latest solar news so you can stay in the loop.

Solar Incentives - Go Solar For FREE!

Did you know that there are Florida solar tax incentives available? What does that mean? You get paid to convert to solar power! All you have to do is get the solar installation customized for your property and then note it on your tax return. Up to 26% of your initial costs will come right back to you at the end of the year.

Still perplexed with the solar tax incentives program? We have customer service representatives that have fully educated themselves in every aspect of the process. Call us to go over every detail for the confidence and clarification you're looking for regarding a solar incentive. Get power for your home straight from the sun! Forget about your old utility company. Now you have battery storage, local incentives, and money in your pocket!

Learn More
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Solar Jobs, Training, & Certification - Be A Part of a Growing Industry with Solar

It's no secret that solar is on the rise. It's not as prevalent as we expect it to become yet. However, it's certainly on its way to the top for an alternative, renewable energy source. What does that mean? It means that more solar jobs are being created, including everyone from salespeople and production jobs to engineers and solar technicians.

Are you curious about how to get started in solar? We're always looking for quality candidates to join our solar team. Stop by the office and discuss what you are interested in, and we will match you up with the perfect opportunity. Florida power for your home straight from the sun! Forget about your old utility company. Now you have battery storage, local incentives, and money in your pocket!

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The Latest Solar News - Our Solar Contractors in Florida Stay Current in Modern Methods

With the growing solar energy industry come new techniques, improved products, and updated codes and regulations for solar systems. It may seem impossible to keep up with it all, but the good news is, you don't have to. For example, did you know that the solar pool heating niche is heating up too? Now you do! There are also local incentives to go solar if you opt to get a new roof and a solar energy system together.

We have all the information and answers because we remain diligent in learning everything there is to know about solar. Ask us anything about your residential solar panels, commercial solar panels, solar racking, solar inverters, or solar-powered batteries, and we guarantee to give you the right answer or give you the correct solar resource. Check out our solar blog!

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How Solar Energy Systems Work - Is Solar Your Best Option for Power?

When you complete your solar panel installation in Florida, what happens next? There's much more going on underneath the surface of what you see. Wires are connecting your panels to your home so that it can be used for heat and electricity.

There's no reason for you to flood your brain with the technicalities of solar power. If you want more details, we're happy to share them. Otherwise, leave it to our solar contractors to ensure you always have the amount of power you need without ever paying an energy company again.

Solar Evaluation

Our Solar Technicians Are Coming To You!

We aren't one of those solar companies that leave and travel the entire country. That wouldn't allow us the time to give you the personal attention you deserve. We're staying right here in the sunshine state for the foreseeable future. When you're ready to build a relationship with solar energy, give us a shout! We provide solar services to areas.

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When you're weighing the pros and cons of going solar, it can be tricky to know where to begin. Our solar installation experts can be confusing. In our brand-new resource for local homeowners, we go over how solar panels will save you money while also developing your sense of energy independence. 

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Take Your Energy into Your Own Hands

Stop paying monthly utility bills and invest in your future with Florida solar solutions that work. Our knowledgeable team is here to help. Schedule your appointment today! Call us at (904) 780-5900
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